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Get installation instructions, tuning tips, videos, and how-to guides for your Harley CV carburetor and other CV Performance brand parts. The articles and guides below are provided to assist with various product installations and basic carburetor troubleshooting. For additional product support of CVP products please visit our Support Forum.

Please consult your factory service manual or a qualified technician when working on your motorcycle.
Note about repair advice.

Harley CV Carburetor Parts Diagram
CVP Tuners Kit and Jetting instructions
EZ-Just Mixture Screw tuning
Harley Carburetor Tuning Videos
Carburetor Jetting
Mixture Packing Kit installation
Harley Fuel Inlet Elbow Replacement
Carburetor Tuning Issues and Troubleshooting
Checking Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
Float bowl setting
Accelerator Pump Nozzle
V-Ductor installation
Spark Plug Gap

Customers requiring replacement instructions included with our tuner kits from CV Performance should contact CV Performance. Please include your order number or customer information so we may better assist you.

NOTE: CVP does not provide repair advice. We are unable to provide technical assistance or troubleshoot ignition, electrical, engine issues, or provide advice on installing products under non standard applications (Shovelheads, non-Harleys, etc). In addition we are unable to provide advice or assistance on any motorcycle that was previously not running properly. Any performance or replacement product is only designed to improve or restore the performance of a Harley motorcycle that is already in good running condition. If in doubt always consult a qualified motorcycle technician.

* CV Performance as a manufacturer and supplier is only able to provide technical support for our brand products when submitted to our support forum. Consult the Tuning and Troubleshooting tips page for help with common issues. Please visit our support forum for direct support of our products. For all other products including OEM parts please consult your factory service manual. Please consult a qualified service technician if unsure about the installation of any OE product.

Disclaimer: Pre-existing problems related to ignition, fuel delivery, electrical, and/or other engine performance issues may require diagnosis and repair from a qualified motorcycle technician. CV Performance or those on our user forums are not liable for any misdiagnosis, advise, or installation issues in the repair or service of any vehicle. CV Performance as a reseller does not provide technical or mechanical services.