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FAQ - Questions
Is it secure to order from this site?
2. Do you keep my personal information?
3. Can I ship to a different address?
4. When will my credit card be charged?
5. Has my order been shipped? When will my order arrive? How do I track an order?
6. What jets should I use?
7. I forgot my account password. How do I retrieve it?
8. What is your return policy?
9. How do I find a product?
10. Where can I find support for CVP products?
11. What parts will fit my Harley model?
12. How can I get information about your company?
13. How do I contact you?
14. How do I find a local dealer?
15. What if I'm an a$hole?

1. Is it secure to order from this site?

Yes, our site uses secure SSL up to 256-bit encryption to secure your private information. Our shopping cart processes all the information by using the latest security technology. Payment information is entered through our bank processor to keep your information encrypted and secure.

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2. Do you keep my personal information?

Only your name, address, and email is securely stored for processing your transaction only. All information is encrypted with the same SSL security. We do not retain full payment information for future purchases. Unlike online marketplace sites that sell your information (how they really make money) we only hold what is absolutely necessary to process your order. 

We do not sell or trade personal information. Click here to review our Privacy Policy.

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3. Can I ship to a different address?
To prevent fraud and safeguard our customers, CV Performance only ships to verified billing addresses. Customers requiring an alternate shipping address must checkout through Paypal however, both billing and shipping addresses must be registered with Paypal and located within the United States. Supplying an alternate shipping address is at the customer's own risk and CV Performance will not be responsible for lost or incorrectly routed packages.

Orders for non-U.S. customers must be paid through Paypal and we only ship to the same billing address and country as your billing address, no exceptions. Cross-border shipping addresses that differ from the billing address country are not accepted and will be cancelled/refunded, less a processing fee that we incur from our payment processor. Read our Shipping Policy page for all details. Shipping to a freight forwarder is not allowed and any attempt to circumvent this policy will be at the customer's own risk.

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When will my credit card be charged?
All purchases are prepaid. Credit cards are charged at the time of the order, before the order is packed or shipped out. You will receive notification by e-mail following payment approval (registration required). Beware of other sellers who take your payment information and charge you at a later date when shipping - this means that seller is holding your credit card information for anyone to see (or steal) later. We never hold nor see your credit card number and cards are immediately processed through the bank processor using encryption to keep prying eyes away from your data.

CVP accepts most major credit cards however you may also checkout through Paypal either using a credit card or your Paypal account. An accurate email address is required and any typo in the address will prevent notifications or the ability to login to your account. Do not use email addresses that block transactional emails or require return verifications such as Earthlink.

All orders are prepaid prior to our processing of the order and preparation to ship.

Note that payments which are declined may appear as held within your bank or card account. This is normally a temporary hold by your bank or credit card and is not held by us. Declined purchases are not funded and are automatically cancelled at the moment the decline occurs. We cannot see nor access your declined payment information except for the notice sent to us by the bank processor.

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Has my order been shipped? When will my order arrive?
In most cases a shipping notice will be sent to your valid email address you registered at checkout. You can check on the status of your order (registered users only) by logging in and clicking on Order Status or by clicking on the link on your order confirmation e-mail to review your order. ONLY those who registered an account before checkout can view their order, since guest checkout is not accessible. CV Performance products that are sold by several other affiliates or dealers are not logged on this site and we will not have access to their order records. Please allow the specified amount of time in your order confirmation or email notice for your order to be processed and packaged before shipping, excluding weekends and holidays. We only ship Monday-Friday and subject to delays during peak riding season. Shipping exceptions and delays will be displayed on the product page or within the emails you receive. 

Orders shipped under the Free Shipping option are sent via Ground - Parcel Service or regular mail (US) and typically take 4-10+ business days after order is packed and shipped. Delivery times may vary and times are NOT guaranteed by USPS. Overweight items are excluded from the Free Shipping offer and shipped at cost. Note that all deliveries are subject to USPS delivery times and we cannot control delays due to circumstances beyond our control. Once we ship an item it is in the hands of the US postal service. CV Performance makes no claim or guarantee as to delivery times.

We do our best to ship orders promptly however, during peak times of the year orders may be delayed. Each order is very important and we do our best to ship each package as soon as possible.

Please refer to our CV Performance Shipping Policy for full details.

How do I track my order?
Emails are sent following an order's preparation for shipping. Tracking numbers are always shown in this email notice. Delivery Confirmation may be tracked through the USPS site but please be aware that their online history is not always accurately updated until an item is delivered. USPS tracking history may not be updated on their online site for 1-2 days after a scan and it is common for online tracking to lag by 1-2 business days. If in doubt refer to your confirmation email for details.

We are not responsible for email confirmations blocked by your email provider. Check your junk folder and if possible avoid the use of outdated and poor performing email services. AOL, Comcast, Earthlink, Mindspring and others that use outdated technology are all notorious for non-delivery. Work emails through your employer may also filter or block outside confirmation emails.

It cannot be emphasized enough, USPS Ground Shipping (formerly First-Class Mail) is SLOW. Regardlesss of what USPS promises on their site, a Ground  package can arrive in as little as 3 days or as long as 14 days (US only) and they will not guarantee a delivery time. We do not accept returns or cancellations due to slow shipping times by USPS or UPS.

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What jets should I use?
This is one of the most common questions yet there is no correct answer. There are so many factors that go into the proper jetting of a carburetor, including what other components are installed. 

Often online forums and articles will give jetting opinions but the fact is that they only make assumptions based on what other parts are installed, and what other conditions exist with your carburetor and engine. Most jetting suggestions are a guess at best. What works for one person may not work for you. Components such as the needle, emulsion tube, slide spring, slide, and modifications play a role in proper jetting. For this reason we do not provide specific jetting suggestions. We can only suggest ranges of jetting if all other components (needle etc.) have been upgraded using CVP brand products, since we have only tested various jetting scenarios with our own products. 

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7. I forgot my account password. How do I retrieve it?
If you forgot your password, you can retrieve it by clicking on the Forgot Password link on the Order Status page, login screen, or during the checkout process while placing a new order. Attempting to create a new account after an order was previously placed will create a new account that cannot be linked to prior orders. This includes purchases made as a guest.

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What is your return policy?
Our return policy is available on the Terms of Sale agreement page or may be downloaded (pdf) below. All sales are final however if for any reason a CVP brand product is determined to be defective CV Performance will accept a return for inspections and repair following authorization only. Please contact CVP using our contact form for details. Not all brands carry the same warranties so please consult the product page for details. 

Our suppliers of electronic or sensor products Do Not allow returns of any opened package. Customer's are responsible to verifying OEM part numbers and ordering the correct product required. An unsealed product cannot be accepted for return. 

A return for any reason must be authorized first by contacting CV Performance and shipping charges to/from seller are the responsibility of the buyer and not covered under any replacement or return agreement. Do Not return an item before contacting CVP and receiving authorization, it will be refused. Return authorization is not a promise to exchange or fulfill a claim. Returns of defective items is for repair or exchange only. Items purchased through other resellers are subject to their policies. We are unable to accept returns of items purchased through other dealers or resellers. Only new/unused items that are determined to be defective will be exchanged. No warranty return shall include any refund or reimbursement in any way.

We do not accept returns due to slow or delayed shipping by USPS or other carriers.

Download our general return policy at:

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9. How do I find a product?
There are various ways of finding a product. You can browse our online store through categories by clicking on the main menu button links to find what you are looking for. You can also click on 'Search' and type a search term related to what you are looking for and all corresponding results will be displayed.

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10. Where can I find support for CVP products?
As a manufacturer we do not provide repair or diagnostic advice. General support for CV Performance brand products may be found as follows: 
1. Our Installation and Instructions page contains videos and written instructions for many CVP brand products.
2. Contact CV Performance for email support of CVP brand products you have purchased only. Please provide your order number. Support is limited to CVP brand products. 

3. Other brands or OE products will require contacting that manufacturer or referring to a factory service manual for instructions.

Phone support is not available. 

We DO NOT provide repair, diagnostics or service advice, jetting or tuning recommendations, or any troubleshooting for your motorcycle whatsoever. We are unable to provide technical support for non-CVP brand products, and we do not provide repair or tuning advice under any circumstance.

Note that non-CVP brands such as OE, V-Factor, MID-USA, MidWest, HardDrive, WPS, or other products may require instructions provided by your factory service manual. Please consult a qualified service technician if unsure about the installation of any product. 

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11. What parts will fit my Harley model?
Each part listed for sale generally provides a description of the Harley model a part will fit. Often a OEM part number will be listed when available for your cross reference. 
Tuner Kits - the jets provided in each kit are specific to the model you select. Tuner Kits include a range of jets designed to work with that model and the other components in the kit. While we offer the option to select your own custom range of jets, we highly recommend using the jets we have already tested to be optimal for your model. Selecting your model from the drop-down menu will ensure the proper fitment for your model. 

We do not provide jetting suggestions (see #6 above). We are unable to provide advice on an installation using a custom range of jet sizes or for use on models not listed. Parts to be used on non-Harley motorcycles are at the discretion of the buyer and not supported. 
Any and all warranties are void if product is used on a non-Harley model or where any non standard usage is associated with a product or model.

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12. How can I get information about your company?
Information about our company is available on the About Us page. CV Performance is a manufacturer and direct distributor. To keep prices low or to continue offering products at near dealer rates CVP does not offer telephone ordering to retail customers at this time. To order products by phone please contact one of our Authorized Dealers or other online dealers when a dealer is not in your local area.

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How do I contact you?
Our contact information is provided on our Contact Page and e-mails are answered daily Monday-Friday during normal business hours. Please allow 1-2 business days for a reply. CV Performance is first and foremost a wholesaler and distributor so we encourage you to contact your local dealer first for retail sales and support. To fully service all of our customers, retail order status or product support is available by email through our contact page, and therefore we are unable to reply to retail phone inquiries made through our dealer support line.

Self-service support through our website, forum, and email is how we keep prices low and product quality high. Phone support or ordering is currently not available. Please submit all inquiries through our Contact Page and we will reply by email as quickly as possible within 1-2 business day. For other motorcycle related questions not specific to our own products, please visit our support forum.

If you are only able to place your order by phone, please consult our Dealer Page to find a retail dealer in your area to place an order by phone. Our online dealers such as J&P Cycles are also able to accept phone orders for many of our products. CV Performance does not accept phone orders or service. 

We are unable to reply to Earthlink email addresses or provide order confirmations due to Earthlink's outdated spam filtering system. If we receive an automated requests for us to fill out their forms to be added to your approved list, all emails will cease and be deleted. Before contacting us or any other company online, please turn off your Earthlink spam filtering, or select another email provider (preferred) to ensure a reply. 

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How do I find a local dealer?
Please visit our Authorized Dealer page for a listing of local dealers, online resellers, and distributors. CV Performance welcomes new dealers and we encourage customers to share our company information with their local shop or reseller. CV Performance strongly supports local independent businesses. We will gladly expedite the setup of your favorite local dealer when qualified to get your products sent to them for resale.

Customers in the UK or most European countries may find our products through local shops that sell from the Motorcycle Storehouse catalog (our European distributor). Please consult their site for the nearest authorized dealer in your area. We do not have direct sales to countries outside of the U.S. 

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What if I'm an asshole? (yes you read that right)
Over a decade ago Robert Sutton wrote about the "No Asshole Rule" when dealing with certain types of people in the workplace. We have taken this concept a step further and decided that we will not work with those who cannot treat others with the slightest bit of common decency, even if they are customers or business associates. All of us can be an asshole, myself and those we work with are no exception. However, if a customer believes that being an asshole to a company is a tolerable way to get things done, then you probably want to shop somewhere else.

Don't get us wrong, we greatly appreciate those who support us and our products, but if you're having a bad day (or life) please leave it at the door or direct that anger toward someone else in your life willing to take it. The old saying, "The customer is always right" only applies until you put on the ass hat, at which point it's time for both sides to ride off in different directions.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers who recognize that treating each other with respect goes much further in getting things done than being an asshole. Most of us ride not only for the enjoyment, but to put some miles between us and the struggles in life. We are on your side, and here to help you enjoy the ride! 

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