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V-Ductor Installation

The V-Ductor is designed to sandwich between the carburetor or throttle body (TB) and back of your air cleaner backing plate assembly.

  1. Remove air cleaner and assembly from the throttle body. Refer to your factory service manual.
  2. Place supplied gasket against face of throttle body. *
  3. Position the V-Ductor against gasket. The smaller end of the cone faces into the TB, the wider opening faces out toward the air cleaner assembly.
  4. The second gasket is then placed on top of the V-Ductor's flange. If using a stock air box backing that has a built-in seal or o-ring you can skip this second gasket and allow the existing o-ring of the backing plate to seal against the V-Ductor.
  5. Install the air box backing plate as normal against the V-Ductor. Installation of your air box will vary depending upon the version of intake assembly you have (stock or aftermarket). The 3 existing screws from your a/c assembly will pass through the backing plate, gasket, V-Ductor, gasket, and into the threaded holes of your carburetor or throttle body.
  6. Secure the breather bolts. Some aftermarket assemblies supply breather bolt shims for proper alignment of the backing plate to the head. Add or remove these shims so that the backing plate mates flush to both the heads and the face of the V-Ductor while maintaining a flush fit against the heads. Refer to any instructions provided with your air cleaner assembly.


* TIP: To keep the V-Ductor and gaskets aligned use one or several long pins passed through the screw hole(s). The pin can consist of anything such as a thin rod or 2-3 inch length of rigid wire. Also a small dab of clear silicone lube (spark plug boot lube) on the gaskets will typically keep them in place while positioning the V-Ductor and air box. Do not apply any gasket sealant.
CV Performance is unable to provide advice on the installation of all the aftermarket air cleaner assemblies available. Please refer to your original instructions provided with your aftermarket intake or your factory service manual for stock applications.