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Accelerator Pump Nozzle Installation

The following instructions detail the removal of the original accelerator pump nozzle and installation of a new CVP low profile accelerator pump nozzle (pedestal) on a Harley CV carburetor. Be sure to consult your factory service manual.*

low-profile-pedestal accelerator pump nozzle


  1. Shut off Fuel Valve
  2. Remove four float bowl screws.
  3. Pull float bowl downwards to remove.


  1. Place stock pedestal in the chuck of an available drill. Do not plug in the drill.
  2. Using drill chuck as a vice, tighten chuck jaws on the large diameter of the pedestal. Do not plug in the drill.
  3. Holding drill chuck stationary with your hand, pull and twist float bowl clockwise and counterclockwise until pedestal comes free from body.
  4. Some models use a check needle system whereas others may incorporate a checkball. If applicable, place check needle in pedestal hole before mounting new pedestal nozzle. Do not lose this piece as they are not available from the factory.

    accelerator pump nozzle removal


  1. Place new pedestal nozzle in the mounting hole. Position so the spray hole is pointing in toward center of carburetor throat or toward the slide needle.
  2. Support float bowl directly under float bowl pedestal with a piece of wood.
  3. Lightly tap pedestal using a small soft plastic mallet or piece of wood until the pedestal is pressed into the bowl.
    The pedestal should be pressed into the bowl leaving a very small gap just underneath (see photo). The gap should be slightly smaller than the thickness of the bowl seal, no greater than 1/16".
  4. Before installing back onto the carburetor body, check that the accelerator pump diaphragm is in good working condition. Diaphragms that have been exposed to long periods of storage in old fuel or have aged should be replaced at this time.

    accelerator pump nozzle installation


  1. Replace float bowl back on carburetor body. A small amount of silicone lubricant (spark plug boot lube) may be spread thinly on the bowl seal. Never use any type of sealant. Models with vacuum controlled fuel petcock valves require a small amount of fuel to be added to float bowl during installation. This greatly reduces cranking time on initial start up.
  2. Make sure accelerator pump rod (with boot) slips back into the accelerator pump well as the bowl is positioned back onto the body.
  3. Install the 4 supplied stainless steel screws and washers.

Low Profile Accelerator Pump Nozzle

Accelerator Pump Diaphragm

*Consult your factory service manual for full instructions. Installer is responsible for following all safety precautions outlined in the factory service manual. The above instructions are provided as a basic guide and assumes no liability for any damages or injury. Never work on a carburetor or related fuel system in the presence of an open flame or heat source. If unsure of any procedure please consult a trained motorcycle mechanic or other professional.