Product closeouts and blemished items from CV Performance.

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Mighty-Mite black cooler for Harley
Price: $299.95
Retail: $339.00
Availability: In Stock
Hammerhead Engineering Item #: MM-B -

MIGHTY-MITE FEATURES Smallest size air cooling system on the market. Plug and play wire harness complete with a Deutch plug that plugs into the accessory switch plug on Harley’s equipped with that feature. Also included are all electrical parts required if direct battery hook up is preferred. Mighty Mite also includes a new heavy duty Vibration Damper that better positions the unit for the strongest and most desired installation. Smart engineering assures easy and accurate installation which...

Harley Carburetor Vacuum Slide
Price: $19.95
Retail: $48.95
Availability: In Stock
CV Performance Item #: CVP-SLIDE-BLEM -

SPECIAL: Blemished version of our popular CV carburetor slide. This slide is perfectly functional although they may have the diaphragm slightly off center where it attaches to the slide (see example below) and the slide body is not polished. This is a visual blemish that does not impact function or performance and are not considered a defect. Perfect for shops performing carburetor service or customers not concerned with parts that have some cosmetic blemishes. Limited quantity at a huge...

Harley Fuel Petcock Valve
Price: $48.95
Retail: $72.95
Availability: In Stock
Accel Item #: ACCEL-5106 -

High flow fuel valves for Harley models. Chrome fuel valve with 5/16" barbed hose fitting for maximum fuel flow and high performance. Features 180° Swivel Spigot to fit almost any stock or custom Harley model. Includes a pre-filter screen and reserve with easy to grasp lever. This valve is engineered to prevent leakage, yet delivers maximum fuel flow. American made by Accel. Increases flow up to 40% when combined with a 5/16" fuel hose and performance fuel inlet. High flow fuel lineFuel inlet...

Choke bracket
Price: $12.95
Retail: $24.95
Availability: In Stock
CV Performance Item #: CVP-CHKBRT-B -

CVP Choke Bracket - Blemished. Our stainless steel choke bracket moves the choke knob conveniently to the top of the carburetor for that custom look. Made from durable polished stainless steel and includes all stainless steel mounting hardware to stand up to the elements. Choke assembly not included. Fits all 1990-2006 Big Twin and Sportster models using CV style carburetors with aftermarket air cleaner assembly only. Note: This is a blemished version of this product. Item will contain minor...

Frame mount for Cool Master Harley engine cooler
Price: $69.99
Retail: $129.00
Availability: Limited Stock
Hammerhead Engineering Item #: FMK-1 -

Optional Frame Mounting Kit for use with Love Jugs or Cool-Master Recommended for 2008 and up Touring Bikes with square backbone frames. Allows you to mount the Cool-Master cooling fans with additional stability. Mounts to frame to isolate Cool-Master system from engine vibration. May be combined with the Vibration Master for the ultimate in mounting options. Purchase with the Cool-Master cooling system for only $78.99 - a $49 savings. Only for use on Touring models with a square back bone...

Harley choke cable
Price: $12.95
Retail: $19.99
Availability: Limited Stock

Blemished -- Enrichener choke cable for Harley CV carburetors. Replaces original p/n #29229-88D and all other Harley CV enrichener cables where a short cable is required. The shorter cable is ideal when used with our choke bracket to prevent interference with the fuel elbow.  This is a blemsihed version of this part. Item is new however it may contain blemishes. Choke cable knob will have imperfect "choke" sticker on the knob that is crooked. Ideal for those who will be...