High Flow Fuel Valves

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Providing an adequate supply of fuel to your stock, aftermarket, or well tuned carburetor is crucial to achieving maximum performance out of your Harley motorcycle. Stock petcock valves can be restrictive and starve the float bowl of the high flow requirement often needed during hard acceleration. Removing any restriction will guarantee that enough gas will be available when you actually need it.

Harley high flow fuel valve

High Flow Fuel Valves are now available through CV Performance. These replacement petcock valves increase flow by up to 40% when combined with a 5/16 fuel hose and our exclusive CVP Fuel Inlet. These fuel valves increase performance and will fit all Harley-Davidson gas tanks with 22mm threads. *

Must use with 5/16 fuel line.

Read more about the High Flow Fuel Valves.

*Designed to fit 22mm threaded bungs on stock Harley gas tanks only. Will not fit 3/8 NPT threaded tanks or tanks designed for fuel injection.

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