If your Harley can't take the heat...

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Let's face it, Harley engines run HOT! This is especially true during the summer months or anytime your bike is not moving at cruising speed, often causing the engine to overheat. This is due in part to how air cooled V-twins are cooled. Unlike water cooled engines, an air cooled engine relies on air passing over the cooling fins of the heads and cylinders to dissipate heat. Excess heat not only takes its toll on performance and the health of the engine, but also makes riding uncomfortable for you and your passenger. Oil and a Harley's lubrication system contribute to cooling and distributing heat as well so it is critical to keep up with oil changes and use a quality filter that keeps it all flowing. However overheating can quickly break down the oil's ability to cool and lubricate critical engine parts.

Cool-Master chrome cooling fan system

When stock factory cooling isn't enough, it may be time to consider adding a cooler, such as the Mighty-Mite Cooling Fan System for the ultimate in cooling power. Mighty-Mite fans are easy to install and can drop your engine temps by as much as 100 degrees – even during prolonged idling, stop and go traffic, or hard riding in extreme summer temperatures.

Cool-Master chrome cooling fan system

Plus you can plug the cooling fans directly into your Harley's accessory harness on most touring models without any wiring hassles, or tap the wiring to the battery. These cooling fans mount easily to your horn mount bracket and the high velocity fans direct air right where your engine needs it.

Mighty-Mite fans are the latest cooling technology from Hammerhead Engineering, who introduced the original Cool-Masters and Love Jugs.

Cool-Master on a Harley touring model.

The Cool-Master and Mighty-Mite's are the World’s Most Powerful Cooling Systems for Harley-Davidson motorcycle engines. Extremely powerful fans, stainless steel construction, chrome or black finish, and their patented design makes them an outstanding addition to your Harley.

UPDATE: We now stock the New Mighty-Mite cooling fans. Slimmer design at an affordable price.

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