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Let's kick this page off with a brief introduction. My name is Ken, owner of CV Performance. I started CVP because as much as I love to ride, I have just as much passion for improving the ride. I've had a life-long obsession with carburetor's and intakes, so much so that I eventually turned that into CV Performance.

The Harley CV carburetor from Keihin was the staple carburetor for the motor company from 1988 until 2006 with little to no changes. With 18 years of production and an estimated 2 million + CV carburetor equipped models still on the road I suspect we will be seeing them around for a long time. The same core design carburetor is still in production use today on several ATV's due to it's performance characteristics and ease of tuning.

Through these pages and my products I hope to share with other Harley enthusiasts how myself and others are able to make every ride even better. Stay tuned.

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