Premium Accel Pump Diaphragm

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    CVP's exclusive Premium Accelerator Pump Diaphragm replaces worn or cracked diaphragms on Harley CV and Harley Keihin butterfly carburetors. Perfect fit, no more stretching or misaligned seals.

    • Greater resistance to mild fuel additive exposure commonly found in pump gas.
    • Will outlast many standard diaphragms when Ethanol* enhanced fuel is occasionally used.
    • Improved fit on both stock Harley carburetors and S&S Super E or G.

    Sold individually, diaphragm only.

    Replaces Harley p/n 27361-76A found on 1988-2006 CV40, 78-89 Harley Keihin "butterfly" style carburetors, and S&S Super E/G carburetors (p/n 11-2282).

    * Never use fuel that contains > 10% Ethanol or alcohol additives in a carbureted motorcycle, and do not store vehicle more than 30 days with ANY fuel containing any Ethanol. Prolonged use of 5-10% Ethanol enhanced fuels will greatly shorten the life of any diaphragm or seal. Avoid using fuel system cleaners such as Seafoam or intake cleaners unless replacing diaphragms/seals after use. Avoid using E75, E85, Flex-Fuel, or any fuel that contains greater than 10% Ethanol or other additives.

    Not guaranteed to fit on non-Harley model carburetors. Not for use on Keihin CVK, S&S A or B, or other non-Harley model carburetors. S&S Super E and G are registered trademark(s) of S&S Cycle and CV Performance is not affiliated with S&S Cycle©

    • Harley CV carburetor (all models) 1989-2006
    • Harley Keihin "butterfly" carburetor 1978-1989
    • S&S Super E and Super G carburetor
    • Ultima R1 and R2

    Not guaranteed to fit aftermarket or knock off carburetors (i.e. STD brand, VTM)

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Accelerator Pump Diaphragm


    Excellent quality and easy to install!

    Perfect fit


    Fit perfect and just works great. I replace mine every season because of the harsh fuel additives here in my state. These seem to last longer than the old stock ones I had and fit better than the imports.

    Cured problem acceleration


    Installed diaphragm on my 2006 Sportster, cured the problem.