Harley Brake Pad Replacement

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An often overlooked item when preparing for the spring riding season are brakes. Replacing your Harley brake pads will assure you have the stopping power for whatever the road throws at you.

Well maintained motorcycle brakes, especially on a heavy Harley-Davidson ® are crucial. At the first sign of major wear you should always service your brakes. Installing new brake pads can be a simple procedure when following the instructions in your service manual and is accomplished with basic tools.

Be sure to "bed-in" new brake pads after installation for proper break in. Check out the following video that describes this break in process.

Brake Pad Bed-In Instructions

There are a variety of brake pad types for your Harley and while all can be a vast improvement over old worn pads, each can have characteristics for different needs.

Organic Brake Pads are ideal for all conditions while being easy on polished rotors.

Sintered Metalic brakes tend to have a longer life and provide excellent stopping power.

Kevlar/Metallic Pads are a great all around brake pad - last longer than OE's, easy on rotors, and provided as original equipment replacements by many shops.

CV Performance carries these varieties of Harley brake pads for most models.

Always consult your factory service manual or seek the help of a qualified service technician if unsure about installing any part.

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