Premium Carb Manifold Seal Boot

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    NEW! CVP's exclusive Premium Intake Manifold Boot Seal for Harley CV carburetors. Finally a manifold boot seal that seals correctly! Boot seal mates the CV40 carburetor spigot end to the stock slip-fit Harley manifold. 

    • Improved fit for a positive seal on all Harley models using slip fit (spigot) CV carburetors.
    • Greater resistance against drying and cracking.
    • Firmly provides a tight leak-free seal to cure vacuum leaks.  
    • Replaces the old factory boot seal between the carburetor and manifold. 

    Old, worn, or even some aftermarket manifold boot seals can be loose or fail to provide a tight seal between the manifold and the CV carburetor, resulting in vacuum leaks and poor tuning performance. The Premium Manifold Seal from CV Performance is guaranteed to provide a snug and leak-free fit.*  

    Replaces Harley OE p/n 27002-89 found on 1989-2006 Harley CV40 carburetors.

    *Not for use on CVK carburetors. Will not fit on non-Harley model carburetors. Use on Harley-Davidson only. Will not cure vacuum leaks where the manifold or carburetor spigot is warped or damaged. Do not use with any sealant. 


    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:
    Boston, MA

    CV Carb Boot


    Exact fit replacement for worn out OEM seal on my 2002 sportster. Cheap, quick, high quality. Very satisfied.

    Cured my vacuum leak


    This seal cured a leak I had with another brand seal. The tighter fit resolved the vacuum leak that had developed between the carb and manifold and even holds snug after removing many times for other work. Recommend!

    Exact fit


    Removed the old seal and it was still pretty good but had a grove in it so I replaced it w/this one and the fit is good and I didn't have any leaks. While you are there, might as well spend the money and replace your seal.