S&S Carburetor Rebuild Kit

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    S&S Cycle Basic Rebuild Kit for S&S Cycle Super E & G Carburetors. This is the ideal rebuild kit for rebuilding a carburetor after cleaning or inspection. Contains everything you need for a basic rebuild. Save time and improve your motorcycle performance with this all-in-one kit. Basic rebuild Kit includes Bowl gasket, backplate gasket, inlet float needle, carb to manifold O-ring (both Super G and E), ejector nozzle O-ring, accelerator pump diaphragm, diaphragm spring, check ball spring, accelerator pump O-rings, stainless steel check balls, accelerator pump bellows seal, and overflow hose.

    • Genuine S&S brand product

    • Renews old or worn seals

    • Top-quality original S&S parts

    • Fits Super E & G Carburetors

    Kit is supplied as an OEM parts-only kit and may require a factory service manual to properly install all components. Only for use on S&S E/G carburetors.

    Please consult your service manual or a qualified technician for support. No warranty from manufacturer on soft parts (seals, gaskets) after installation.


     Avoid using fuel that exceeds 5% Ethanol, 10% Methanol, or mixed alcohol additives in a carbureted motorcycle and do not store vehicle more than 30 days with ANY fuel containing any amount of Ethanol or Methanol. Prolonged use of Ethanol enhanced fuels will greatly shorten the life of any diaphragm, seal or hose. Avoid using fuel system cleaners such as Seafoam or intake cleaners, or replace diaphragms/seals after use. Never use E75, E85, Flex-Fuel, or any fuel that contains greater than 10% Ethanol or other additives.

    S&S carburetors:

    • S&S Super E
    • S&S Super G