K&P Lifetime Oil Filter

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    Lifetime Oil Filter from K&P Engineering, manufacturer of the world's finest oil filter! This filter is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA to last the life of your Harley. Outperforms paper filters and billet finned design also acts as an oil cooler! Replaces Harley-Davidson P/N: 6373199, 6373199A, 6379677A, 6379899, 6379899A, 6380580A. Fitment. Also fits on early Buell M2 Cyclone, S3 Thunderbolt, and X1 Lightning. For the Blast and XB Firebolt & Lightning models see the S9 filter.

    The most technically advanced oil filter you can buy

    • Billet aluminum filter case doubles as an oil cooler
    • Consistent filtering across entire filter surface
    • High Performance Stainless Steel Micronic Oil Filter Media
    • Superior ASTMF316 filtration performance
    • 7 times the flow of comparable paper oil filters
    • Magnetic Prefiltering
    • Progressive rate bypass combined with high flow characteristics of the filter media avoids unfiltered oil bypassing the filter during cold startup and high rpm
    • Proven in Motorsports, Military and Aerospace applications for years
    • Meets/exceeds manufacturers specifications, will not void your warranty
    • No more oily paper filters to the landfills. Simply Inspect, Clean, and Reuse!

    May be the last oil filter you’ll ever buy

    Machined Billet Aluminum finish (shown here). Also available in Black Gloss Anodized or Chrome.

    Includes the billet housing, stainless steel filter, extra Quad seal, and a bonus filter wrench just for your K&P Filter.

    K&P Machined Billet Aluminum Filter

    Replaces Harley-Davidson OE P/N: 6373199, 6373199A, 6379677A, 6379899, 6379899A, 6380580A

    Dyna Evo/Twin Cam 91-16
    Softail Evo/Twin Cam 84-16
    Sportster 86-15
    Touring Evo/Twin Cam 82-15
    Trike 00-15
    Milwaukee 8 16-17
    M2 Cyclone 97-02
    S3 Thunderbolt 95-02
    X1 Lightning 96-02
    Indian 99-03
    Indian 09-13
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    Best filter ever

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    I've had one of these on my '09 FXD for almost 5 years and when I retired that bike, I took it off and put it on my newly bought '98 FXD. Even on an older model bike like this, I don't worry over oil problems one bit.

    It's also so nice to have when doing oil changes, as this is easy to clean and to see if crud is getting into your oil by looking at the magnet in it.

    I figure it's more than paid for itself in the time I've owned it since I change my oil religiously every 2500 miles. Figure $9 per standard H-D black filter, my '09 has 88,000 miles on it, 88,000/2500=35, 35 times I've changed the oil on that bike. $9 x 35 = 315. I'd have spent $315 in that time if I'd used regular black H-D oil filters. I've just that much saved twice what the cost of this great filter is and with it now on this new '98 that has only 29000 miles on it, I'll be saving another $315 + $137 = $452 ($137 being the cost of this filter on this site) if this bike makes it to 88,000 miles also. When one is poor as dirt like me, getting by in a disability check, that $452 is a hell of a lot of savings.