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Authorized Dealer and Reseller Terms

Dealers must be a commercial business in the motorcycle industry and provide our products to retail customers in your area.

If a dealer applicant does not agree with any of our terms or policies, please do not continue with the application process. By signing the dealer application you are agreeing to all of the terms below. 

Orders are accepted via the CV Performance online store. High volume resellers may be eligible to send orders via e-mail. Contact CVP for details.
All orders are processed Monday through Friday except holidays or special events. Dealers may login at to view pricing and specials.

CV Performance policy is to process orders in a timely manner following receipt of payment where applicable. Cancellation of pending (not shipped) orders must be received in writing by e-mail and confirmed by CV Performance the same day of the order. Cancelations not accepted once shipped.

CV Performance is committed to working with our dealers toward our shared success.  New dealers or reinstated dealers will be required to order at least a quantity of 2 per item ordered on their first order, or place an order that is > $100. Minimum order amounts may be implemented for dealers not placing at least one order per quarter or an equivalent single annual stocking order.*  Dealers are expected to maintain a consistent purchase history each calendar year to retain their dealer pricing status. CV Performance reserves the right to suspend or cancel dealer pricing at any time for non performance or not upholding any terms of the dealer agreement. Dealer discounts rely upon volume purchases therefore those unable to meet these requirements may be moved to lower tier pricing. 
* Dealers placing only 4 orders per calendar year must at least order a quantity of 2 per item ordered on each order. 

Purchase orders are only accepted from distributors or high volume dealers. Please contact us to arrange any special terms prior to purchasing. CV Performance does not extend payment terms by default to our authorized dealers.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing is maintained on our website and accessible upon login. All items are considered in stock unless noted or indicated by the absence of the Add To Cart button. Pricing is for use by dealers only and may never be shared with retail customers or others outside of your dealership. CV Performance reserves the right to set tiered pricing based on order volume when appropriate. See Minimum Purchases above for details.

Applies to large volume dealers only. Accounts are delinquent if not paid as outlined under the stated payment terms. Invoices not paid in full by the stated due date will incur a 5% late charge per month. Accounts that are delinquent after 60 days will be automatically placed on hold. During a credit or account hold, no shipments will be made to that delinquent account until the outstanding balance is current. Repeated delinquency will result in revocation of payment terms. We reserve the right to report delinquent customers to credit reporting agencies, refer to collections, and publish names of customers who do not pay their bills. These terms are non negotiable.

No deduction or credit may be taken for any reason until CV Performance has issued a credit memo or agreement to issue credit in writing. Unauthorized deductions or taking of credit will automatically place the account on hold and be considered non-payment.

To qualify as an Authorized Dealer or Reseller, the dealer has agreed to all CV Performance policies and agreements. In addition, a Dealer/Reseller must maintain their business status, comply with our pricing standards, and maintain the terms of the Dealer Terms on this page. Furthermore, Distributors and/or Wholesale Sellers must comply with all terms and policies. Distributors and/or Wholesale Sellers who engage in sales as a Retail Seller, either directly or indirectly will also be held to the same Dealer policies. All dealers are responsible for keeping current with the terms shown on this page. Terms are subject to periodic updates without notice. 

Any and all Retail Sales shall be made in compliance with our policies. Sales made direct or indirect via other parties or affiliates are never authorized. CV Performance requires that all Dealers and Distributors refrain from sales direct to other resellers who engage in online sales through eBay or Amazon. Acting as a distributor to other unauthorized resellers is subject to immediate revocation of dealer status and CV Performance reserves the right to publicly share the conditions of any revocation or circumstance leading to the violation. Furthermore, Dealers and Distributors engaged in their own retail sales online must do so on their own privately held domain. All retail sales must be performed without damaging the brand or reputation of CV Performance. Dealers and Distributors are not authorized to resell our products to other third party dealers or to assist non authorized dealers in attempts to circumvent our policies. Dealers with their own website and online store (not eBay or Amazon) must also maintain a retail store (brick and mortar) previously approved between CV Performance and the seller. We support Dealers and Resellers who sell through their own privately held online store or website when used as an extension of their existing business. MSRP pricing must always be used when selling online (see #19 below). CV Performance does not drop ship to a dealer's customer unless entering into a prearranged agreement. Dealers operating under a drop ship agreement will be charged the same dealer shipping price and CV Performance will not be held to any shipping promise made between Dealer and Dealer's customer. CVP ships outbound retail customer orders via standard methods and does not have an expedited shipping method. Dealer assumes all responsibility for shipping errors when not shipping to the dealer address. Our sales relationship is between the dealer and ourselves only. 

Regarding third party sales: CV Performance firmly believes that sales made solely through online marketplace channels degrade the brand and are detrimental to our dedicated dealers and resellers. We reserve the right to limit or suspend sales to those who have chosen to endorse sales channels that undermine brand integrity or seek to weaken the stability of legitimate dealers. Entering into any purchase from CV Performance, our Authorized Dealers, Resellers, and Distributors, will be considered in acceptance of these policies unless terminated in writing and subject to our enforcement and action.

CV Performance does NOT Authorize the sale of our products through eBay or Amazon or any other third party platform not listed. Any CVP product found on eBay Amazon or other marketplace platforms is considered a potential fraudulent product or product being sold in violation of our policies. We encourage our customers to report such violations to help maintain the cost and integrity of our products and brand. CV Performance aggressively takes action against violators and any business assisting in the activities of unauthorized sales or misrepresentation of our brand. 

The proliferation of knock-off, replica, and unauthorized products attempting to use our brand name(s) via online auction sites or online marketplaces harm both the brand and those who are dedicated to selling our products. CV Performance will aggressively take all necessary steps to defend our brand and product names. This includes the posting or distribution of any brand logos, artwork, photos, intellectual assets, or instructions/documents created by CV Performance. Any Dealer, Distributor or reseller found to be selling a like or replica product falsely under our brand name(s) will be removed from our program and their actions publicly reported as we see fit and shall not be considered libel against the offending dealer whatsoever. We defend our brand through all means possible. As noted elsewhere, dealers agree to all terms and dealers have entered into adhering to our policies as a term of being an authorized dealer. CV Performance reserves the right to enforce our policies against all present and past dealers regardless of dealer status.  

Sales to export or international business accounts are not authorized. Dealers may sell to their individual retail customers as long as it is not deemed as a distributor relationship. Dealers and Distributors outside of the United States will be held to the same policies as other U.S. domestic dealers, in addition to any international standards. CV Performance has international distributors whom we are committed to protect their exclusive sales of our products.

The majority of our products are not for sale or shipping to the State of California due to regulations concerning emissions. CV Performance does not authorize the sale of our products by our dealers to California or sales that would violate any state or federal regulation or law. All products purchased by dealers or customers become the sole responsibility of the customer and CV Performance shall not be held liable for any related violations occurring after the purchase. These terms apply to both dealers and retail customers alike. Any company or persons engaging in sales that violate any law or regulation have done so without the authorization or knowledge of CV Performance. 

CV Performance ships to our dealers using Priority or equivalent methods. Distributors ordering under approved payment terms will be charged any additional shipping charges as part of the order invoice unless shipped on the distributor's shipping account. We are unable to guarantee any delivery times for any carrier.

a. All CV Performance shipments are F.O.B. Las Vegas, NV. Title passes from CV Performance to the purchaser at the time of shipment. Carton shortages and damages must be claimed against the carrier at the time of delivery. To expedite processing claims against the carriers, the customers must note damages on the bill of lading at the time of delivery, and promptly request an inspection by the carrier or his claims agent.
b. If a shortage is found within the shipment it must be reported to CV Performance in writing within three (3) business days of shipment receipt without exception. Claims not received within this time frame may not be honored. Claims should refer to the order number, invoice number, date of invoice, and date of shipment, part number, description, carton unit, and shipment tracking number. CV Performance reserves the right to either 1) provide replacement items to cover a shortage, or 2) issue credit. Customers may not deduct from payment for missing goods unless authorized via a credit memo. 

CV Performance will choose the most efficient shipping method possible. Resellers may, specify a particular shipping method for rush orders at an additional cost determined by the seller and agent. Any additional costs incurred by CV Performance will be charged back to the purchaser and paid in full prior to shipping.


CV Performance does not participate in drop shipping arrangements to a dealer's customer. Dealers may place orders on behalf of their customers and reship the order to their customer after receipt. Effective October 1st 2021: Delivery to any secondary shipping address is no longer accepted due to the high volume of package theft and fraud. Dealer orders will now only ship to the business billing address. Any loss due to incorrect shipping address, lost or stolen packages, or fraudulent purchases shall be the responsibility of the ordering dealer. 

Any expense incurred or resulting from a refused shipment must be borne by the ordering Dealer Customer or Reseller. CV Performance reserves the right to retain any shipping costs or fees incurred and charge restocking fees as necessary. Refused or undeliverable packages returned will be charge a minimum restocking fee.

Dealer, Reseller, and or Distributors are responsible for any liability of products following purchase and or resale with exception to product defects backed by the manufacturer. Any cost of adding a Dealer or Reseller as a co-insured will be incurred by the requesting dealer or distributor and will be added to your existing pricing tier. CV Performance only maintains product liability insurance for our brand of products purchased directly from CV Performance which may not carry over to any third party purchases or subsequent sales occurring after the original sale.

See our Terms and Policy page for full warranty information.

CV Performance does not enforce a strict MAP pricing when items are sold in-store. We do however recommend resellers follow our Suggested Pricing and not engage in advertised cut rate pricing in any effort to gain a competitive advantage over other authorized dealers. CV Performance does reserve the right to limit sales or terminate relationships with any Dealer or Reseller that advertises our products at or below dealer price levels, or for the purpose of gaining an advantage based on price alone that we deem unfair to our customers or detrimental to our brand. Reselling CV Performance products at or below the original purchase price as a means of liquidating inventory will result in termination of a dealer's discount pricing and is a violation of the agreement to resell our products. We reserve the right to publish the names and circumstances surrounding any dealer pricing violation or damages against our brand.

The above pricing terms apply only to in-house or in-store sales. Dealers selling through their own website as an additional sales method to their in-store sales may never list our products for less than the Suggested Price listed by CV Performance. Sales are never authorized through other platforms (eBay, Amazon, etc.)  Discounts offered on our products may not be published or advertised in any way. 

All returns must have prior written authorization from CV Performance. CV Performance does not accept returns due to overstock, rebalancing, or cancelled resale orders. Product returns due to purchasing errors must first be authorized with an issued RMA and be returned in original resalable condition. Authorized returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Shipping fees are non-refundable. Issuance of an RMA shall only be considered an acceptance to receive and inspect returned goods for further determination and is not a promise of credit or refund. Contact CV Performance for an RMA prior to returning products. View our return policy found on our site. 

All dealers and their partners or associates agree to ALL terms set forth as a term of their authorized dealer status. Should any dealer or their business partners no longer agree to any of our terms after being authorized to sell our products, notice of termination should be sent to CV Performance in writing including signature(s) from the original applicant. CV Performance reserves the right to terminate our agreement with a dealer at any time. We reserve the right to not engage in business with any business or individual for any reason whatsoever. 


CV Performance reserves the right to modify or revise these terms on a periodic basis. Dealers or customers should revisit these terms as they may change on a quarterly basis. Please contact CV Performance should you have any questions regarding our terms or policies. All dealers are responsible for reading, understanding and complying with ALL of these terms and policies to maintain their active status.