CVP N65 Needle

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    A direct replacement for the factory discontinued Harley N65C needle. The classic N65C needle was originally fitted to the first CV carburetor on 1988 Harley-Davidson Sportsters that lacked an accelerator pump, therefore requiring a needle with a richer profile just off idle to overcome the lean stumble. For years tuners and techs have used the N65C needle to custom tune all model Harley CV carburetors to deliver the optimal amount of fuel just off idle, smooth acceleration, and eliminate hesitation.* Replaces H-D p/n 27094-88 N65C.

    CV Performance has brought the Harley N65C needle back using the original factory profile spec while utilizing our own machining process not found anywhere else. CNC machined from aircraft quality billet aluminum for precision and durability. Will fit all Harley constant velocity (CV) carburetors on 1989-2006 Big Twin and Sportster models.

    *May require fine tuning using shims and trial and error tuning to dial in the correct mixture throughout the power band. CVP does not sell shims nor do we provide any specific tuning recommendations with this needle. For optimal tuning without the need to shim the needle, we recommend our Velocity Needle that has been designed for performance in newer models. 

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    The N65 needle worked great!! CVP Products in my opinion are the best available. I have bought from them several times and, never had a problem. I highly recommend CVP and their products to everyone. Keep up the Great services CVP.

    N65C carb needle


    After H-D discontinued the 88 Sportster Needle we turned to this needle from CVP. Our Harley dealership now uses them in the service dept and recommend them at the counter.