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CVK 40 Carburetor Bowl Seal - Kawasaki KLR 650

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    Carburetor bowl gasket seal for Kawasaki CVK 40 carburetors. Replaces OE p/n 92055-1222. For use with 1987-2004 Kawasaki models using the Keihin CV40. Commonly found on KLR650 models and some Vulcan models. Also fits various Triumph and Suzuki models, see part numbers below. 

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    • Bowl Gasket Seal 
      - Quality seal replaces dried or cracked bowl seal.
      - Replaces Kawasaki p/n 92055-1222, Suzuki p/n 13258-26E00, Triumph p/n T1241036

    Never use fuel that exceeds 5% Ethanol, 10% Methanol, or mixed alcohol additives in a carbureted motorcycle and do not store vehicle more than 30 days with ANY fuel containing any Ethanol or Methanol. Prolonged use of Ethanol enhanced fuels will greatly shorten the life of any diaphragm, seal or hose. Avoid using fuel system cleaners such as Seafoam or intake cleaners, or replace diaphragms/seals after use. Never use E75, E85, Flex-Fuel, or any fuel that contains greater than 10% Ethanol or other additives.

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    As a manufacturer and supplier we are unable to provide any repair or diagnostic advice. Please consult a factory service manual or qualified motorcycle technician.

    Kawasaki Suzuki Triumph Float Bowl Seal

    OEM part number 92055-1222

    Model Year

    EL250 Eliminator 1988/94

    EN450 A/A6 1985/90

    EN500 Vulcan 500 1990/09

    ER500 ER5 1999/02

    EX500 A1/A7 1987/93

    EX500 Ninja 500R 1994/09

    GPZ600R 1985/90

    GPZ900 1984/85

    KL250 1985/00

    KL250 D2 / D22 1985/05

    KL650 / KLR650 1987/13

    KLE500 2000 - up

    KLR650 1987/00

    KLX250 1993/96

    KLX300 1997/00

    KLX650 1990/91

    ZG1000 A Concours 1986/06

    ZG1200 A/B Voyager 1986/03

    ZL10000 Eliminator 1987

    ZL600 A1/A2 Eliminator 1986/87

    ZL600 B2/B3 Elininator 1996/97

    ZR1100 A1/A4 1992/95

    ZR1100 C3/C4 1990/93

    ZR1200 A1/A3 ZRX1200 2001/05

    ZR550 B1/B4 Zephyr 1990/93

    ZR750 C1/C3 Zephyr 1991/93

    ZR750 H1/H3 2001/03

    ZR750 ZR7 2000

    ZX1000 1986/87

    ZX1000 A1/A2 1986/87

    ZX1100 1995/96

    ZX1100 E1/E2 GPZ 1995/97

    ZX1100 F GPZ 1996

    ZX600 1985/97

    ZX600 A1/A3 Ninja 1985/87

    ZX600 C1/C10 Ninja 600R 1988/97

    ZX900 A1/A3 1984/86

    OEM P/N T1241036

    Bonneville 2001/08

    T100 2001/08

    OEM P/N 13258-26E00

    GSF600 1996/03

    GSF650 2004/05

    GSX750 2000/01

    GSX1200 1999/00